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Glenergy brings solar lights and power to North America and to the developing world. We support solar entrepreneurs in Africa through our subsidiary companies as a way to bring modern lighting to remote villages and to reduce the use of fuel-based lights with their associated costs, risks and health and environmental effects. We offer LED, CFL, and fluorescent lighting in 12 V, 110V, and 220V versions, and we provide solar panels, batteries, charge controllers and power conversion and distribution equipment. If it can be done with solar, we can do it!

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Solar Mobile Charger

Solar mobile charger

This portable solar charger is great for charging mobile phones, ipods, iphones, GPS, digital cameras and more. The wallet style, easy to carry charger has an inside built-up 1200 MA battery that can be charged by either solar or from a USB cable. These solar chargers are ideal for use when hiking, camping, travelling, and more.

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Project News

A new business has been running in northern Tanzania since early September, following the travel to Tanzania of a volunteer Franfrom Minnesota. This volunteer contributed financially to the project, primarily through the provision of an inventory of lamps and an 80 Watt solar system She also provided training and support to help establish a Tanzanian woman (Mama Nai) in a new business. Mama Nai Mama Naisells rechargeable LED lamps (Our KN Series) locally on a microcredit basis, and collects revenue from the lamp owners for charging the lamp batteries periodically. In addition to charging lamps, she charges cellphones for a fee too. The business is providing an income immediately for Mama Nai, and has delivered lights to 76 families already. This project is being conducted with training, mentoring, and other support from Project TEMBO, and operates in Longido, Tanzania.

Mama Nai is equipped with an inventory of KN Series lamps, and a solar system suitable for charging several lamps at once, and can charge mobile phones and other items. Equipment and installation was provided, along with ongoing technical support, by Glenergy Solutions Ltd. in Dar es Salaam.

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