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Glenergy in Canada

At Glenergy we take great pride in offering a wide range of effective products for those needing off grid power solutions, and in helping customers to combine the right components for their particular needs.

We can provide any or all of the necessary items for solar systems small or large, using products from Kyocera, Sharp, Outback, Samlex, Xantrex, Blue Sky, Morningstar, Solsum, Steca, Surrette and other quality brands. We have several lines of solar and rechargeable lamps and lanterns, and an extensive line of Glenergy-brand 12 V DC LED and compact fluorescent bulbs. These are available at our webstore, by telephone toll free in North America at 877 367 6729, or through our dealers across Canada. Download our current catalogue to see these products, along with a modest selection of lighting products for 24V DC, and both 110V and 220 V AC applications. We offer complete off-grid solar lighting solutions for signs, outbuildings or anywhere else, along with solar power systems for more general applications. Try our system sizing calculator or our sign lighting calculator. Read about the elements involved in establishing a system design.

To discuss your alternative energy options, email,or call 877 367 6729.

Glenergy in the World

Glenergy is committed to the promotion of solar lighting in the developing world. We have a growing network of subsidiaries and affiliates in Africa through which we support solar entrepreneurs with inventory, training and expertise In an effort to eliminate the negative impacts of fuel-based lighting, Glenergy has developed a business model allowing small microbusinesses run by solar entrepreneurs to provide lighting service within their villages that is cheaper, safer and more effective than the currently available fuel-based lighting solutions. Supported by loans from Glenergy derived from loans to Glenergy from philanthropically-minded people, these entrepreneurs can start and grow their businesses in a variety of ways. Their customers might pay cash for a lamp/solar panel system, or they may buy a lamp and pay for charging at the entrepreneur's solar charging station, they may rent a charged lamp, or they may make some other arrangement with the entrepreneur. They may be offered credit by the entrepreneur to enable the purchase, or may participate in a rent-to-own scheme. Different business models apply in different places, and even at different times, and will depend upon the capabilities, resources and interests of the entrepreneurs and their customers.