Glenergy Solar System Sizing Tool

This calculator can help you design a solar power system with your needs in mind. Please fill in the following tables to start designing your system. Any underlined titles can be clicked to display more information on that area.

First, please define the parameters of your system.

Seasonal Use

Insolation Data (Canada)
Insolation Data (World)
Year-Round (12 hrs sun/week)
Summer (35 hrs sun/week)
Specify Weekly Sunshine Hours
Specify kWh/m2/day
AC Voltage
DC Voltage
Battery Type
MPPT Charge Controller?
DC Load Control
Required Item DC Voltage(s) 12
Distance to Photovoltaic Panels [feet]
Use Generator?

Second, Please enter the details of the items you want to power. The calculator will update your system requirements as you add items. If you have data in units different from those requested in the calculator, click the FIND MY WATTAGE button to bring up a tool that may be able to help you.