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Glenergy Solar Entrepreneurs

Do you want to bring lights to your village? Would you like to build a sustainable business from charging lights and cell phones? Can you assemble a group of women to share a solar system? If the answer to any of these is yes, then this page will show you how we can help. Apply Now


Solar charging business system 100There are two basic systems, the Business System 50 and the Business System 100. These systems are built around the Glenergy Charging Box, that allows up to 8 lamps and 4 cell phones Glenergy Charging Box GCB 8/4to be charged simultaneously. You select the number and type of lamps to go with the charging system. LED Lantern 3024Our KN series of lamps works very well for this. They can also be charged from individual solar panels for those customers who desire independence. And, the same lamps can be sold for backup use by people who are connected to electricity, since they can also charge from 220 V AC!


An initial investment of about USD $1500 is required, depending upon the system size and the number and types of lamps included. We may be able to help you to identify sources of financing for you. We are actively working to increase the number of NGOs that we are working with--there may be one near you! Depending upon where you are, we may be able to provide start-up financing ourselves. Currently, we can do this for people in Tanzania and in Uganda.

Business Models

Because of the underlying versatility of the KN lamp series, you may find a variety of ways to operate a business using our products. You could rent fully-charged lamps. You could exchange charged lamps for discharged ones. You could sell lamps with solar panels. You could get a system to primarily charge cell phones. And, you can change your mind part way along if more promising opportunities appear...

Next Steps

Apply to become a Glenergy Solar Entrepreneur.

We will respond as quickly as possible, but some requests will prove more challenging than others, and you may be one of these, so please be patient!