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Solar Entrepreneurship and Lights for People in Remote Places

Our mission at Glenergy is to enable a transition from fuel-based lighting to solar LED lights for people who live where electricity is unavailable, unreliable or unaffordable. To do this, we provide financial, technical, and business-mentoring support, as required, to village-level solar entrepreneurs directly or through our subsidiary companies in Africa and affiliates elsewhere.
Some of our solar entrepreneurs are self funded and do not require financial startup assistance. But, many require some degree of financial support. While Glenergy is able to directly finance some of these, our resources (like everybody's) are limited.
With your help, we can do more. Obviously. There are several quite different ways that we can work with you towards the objective of getting lights to people. Which way is best depends upon your objectives, interests and capabilities as much as upon ours. Some ways that you can work with Glenergy to help get lights to people are:

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